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Advanced Idea Methodology, LLC (AIM) does Consulting, Software, Internet Marketing, Advertising, and Product Sales. AIM has done work for Banks, Trading Firms, Medical Organizations, Scientific Firms, Entertainment businesses and other small businesses. We believe that our exposure to all these different industries makes us well suited to work on just about any project.

We have worked on or consulted with software projects that involve several different types of technology and platforms. For example we have done work that involves: Windows, Linux and mobile platforms. We have developed applications, websites, services, web services, web APIs, servers and scripts. We have also done extensive work with SQLServer, Oracle and MySQL databases.

AIM LLC specializes in internet marketing and advertising for small businesses. Aim can work with Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Loan Officers, Real Estate Agents, Construction Companies, plumbers, Electricians and many other small businesses. AIM will create targeted online advertising campaigns that brings in new customers for small businesses anywhere in the United States or Canada. Each small business will either receive an email with each new lead sent in real-time to their email inbox or they will receive a call directly from the new prospect on their business phone.

Product sales plays a significant part of AIM's revenue. AIM is expanding its product line to sell products through multiple sales channels across a wide range of markets.

Why Us

We are a technical team that have the skills to work on complex custom software projects or profitable advertising campaigns . Our goal is to come up with a solution that fits the customers' needs from both a technical point of view and a budgetary point of view. We realize that services can be expensive that is why we work with the customer to implement just what they require. We find that open communication before, and during the project is essential for the success of the project.


Jeff Mangasarian
Managing Director
Advanced Idea Methodology

I have been working with AIM for a number of years. This company has a successful track record of getting projects done.